Rules for the Horn Competition 2021

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Art. I

The competition is open to horn players of any nationality, born in 1993 or afterwards.

Art. II

a) Programme for the first round

Video recording uploaded on a private channel (i.e. youtube, vimeo, etc.), indicating on the application form the link, with place and date of the recording.

The recording must be integral (not edited or cut within the pieces. Cuts are possible only between pieces or between movements) and not be more than one year old.

The repertoire presented is free, with a duration between 15 and 20 minutes and must include:

Sigurd Berge, Horn-Lokk (ed. Boosey&Hawkes)

and a piece freely chosen from the following:

Richard Strauss, Konzert für Horn Nr.1 – first movement (Allegro)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Konzert für Horn Nr.4 (KV 495) – first movement (Allegro moderato)

b) Programme for the second round (semi-final)

The candidate will present a freely chosen programme with a duration between 30 and 40 minutes, that must include:

  • a piece (accompanied by piano) chosen from the following:

Gioacchino Rossini, Prèlude Thème et Variations

Christoph Förster, Hornkonzert in Es-Dur

Luigi Cherubini, Seconda sonata in fa maggiore per corno e orchestra d’archi

  • a piece composed after 1970 (for horn solo or horn and piano)

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Konzert für Horn Nr.4, KV 495 (with piano accompaniment)

During this round, the jury may choose to have only part of the chosen pieces performed.

c) Programme for the third round (final)

The candidate will present a concert programme with a duration between 40 and 50 minutes without a break. For the final round, the choice of the programme is free, but it must include the Horn Concerto no. 1 by Richard Strauss, played by heart, in the version with piano accompaniment. The jury will take into consideration the originality and consistency of the programme.

The presented programmes are binding, changes must be approved by the jury.

A piano accompanist will be available for the second and third round.

It is admitted to play with the own accompanist.

Art. III

Applications must be sent to no later than June 18, 2021 (date of reception)


  1. The duly completed registration online form,

  2. A black and white or colour photo,

  3. A photocopy of the passport or other identity document,

  4. Short curriculum vitae (résumé) in Italian or English (max. one A4 page).

Incomplete applications can be rejected. Documents and musical material sent will not be returned.

We do not request any enrolment or participation fee.

Art. IV

The members of the jury are:

  • Alessio Allegrini

  • Gianni Bergamo

  • Olivier Darbellay

  • Jorge Monte de Fez

  • Francesco Tamiati

The organizers reserve the right to substitute one or more jurors.

If, in the two years before the beginning of the competition, a member of the jury has taught any of the applicants, the internal rules of the jury will be applied. At the beginning of the competition, each jury member must submit a declaration about his/her own relationship with the applicants, according to the above-mentioned decision.

The jury evaluates and selects the participants according to these regulations and according to the internal procedures determined in accordance with the official regulations.

The participants are not allowed to contact jury members at any time during the competition.

Art. V

1st prize Euro 12’000

2nd prize Euro 8’000

3rd prize Euro 5’000

The jury reserves the right not to award the prizes or to assign them in a different way.

Art. VI

The competition organisation will do its best to find interesting performance opportunities for the winners. The winners are required to accept such engagements.

For these concerts, no additional monetary compensation will be given.

Art. VII

A core group of the jury will make the first selection. The results of the first round will be communicated no later than July 15, 2021. The decisions of the jury are indisputable, no justification will be given.

The applicants admitted to the competition will receive a written confirmation with detailed information regarding the development of the next rounds. Foreign participants who need a visa in order to enter Switzerland can apply for the visa using the above-mentioned confirmation.

The participants admitted must send the pdf file of the pieces for the second round to the Competition Office not later than August 15, 2021. The candidates admitted to the final will have to submit the pdf file of the pieces for the final immediately after the announcement of participants to the final.


The competition (2nd round – semi-final and 3rd round – final) will take place in Lugano from September 11

to 13, 2021.

Each participant must arrive and register in person at the Competition Office on the day of the own performance with a valid identity document. The date and time will be communicated no later than August 25, 2021.

The participants must be readily available during the entire period of time in which they are in competition. Participants must avoid any kind of professional engagement or concert for the entire duration of the competition (2nd and 3rd round).

Any participant which takes part in the competition (regularly invited by the Competition Office) but for any reason does not satisfy all conditions of the rules of the competition, immediately looses the right to take part in the competition and to any reimbursement.

For all rounds of the competition, the participants’ travel, lodging, and board are at their own expense.

The Organization is available for any information and also assistance in booking accommodation, if needed.

Art. IX

The participants give their consent to radio and television broadcasts and transmissions as well as to any audio and video recordings which may be made during the competition performances, without incurring any additional obligation from the organizers.

Art. X

The organizers reserve the right to modify these regulations; any changes will be communicated to the enrolled participants in due course.

Art. XI

The decisions of the jury are final and binding. Entry in the competition implies full acceptance of the jury’s decisions and of these regulations.

Art. XII

The competition rules in the Italian language shall be legally binding.

For any details not included in these competition rules, the Swiss Code of Obligations (Codice svizzero delle obbligazioni) and the specific laws are binding.

Participants waive all rights to initiate legal proceedings against the decision of the jury.

For additional information, please contact:


Competition Office

c/o Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana

Via Soldino 9

CH-6900 Lugano

Tel. +41 (0)91 960 30 44

Fax +41 (0)91 960 30 41

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